3 Top Health Benefits of Ginger Shots

3 Top Health Benefits of Ginger Shots

Yes! A ginger shot is an herbal beverage prepared by blending fresh ginger root in water, sugar or honey and boiling it. The resulting liquid is then drunk and diluted with plenty water. Ginger root has been used for thousands of years by the people of central China. In fact, the early Chinese medical records state that ginger root was used as an anti-inflammatory herb for soothing the stomach. It can also help relieve nausea and reduce spasms of the digestive tract, which makes it a major ingredient of ginger tea.

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It’s really simple to prepare a ginger shot: you just blend in a teaspoonful of ginger powder into one glass of water. Next, add in three to four whole sugars or corn syrup and two to three spoons of honey or agave nectar. Stir until the ingredients are thoroughly blended. Then, add in a little water or milk and let it cool down. Next, strain into a squeeze bottle and enjoy your own wellness shot!

This tasty remedy makes a fantastic thirst quencher when combined with fruit juices like pomegranate, apple, or peach. Ginger and fruit juices are an unbeatable combination – so serve this healthy alternative to soda pop when you’re out and about. If you keep refrigerated bottles of this juice around your house, you’ll never have to worry about running out of it! When you run out, simply replace the contents of the bottle with more, or choose to consume it the next day instead.

Although ginger shots can be used by both children and adults, it’s best to get your kids to take them. Kids’ stomachs are quite sensitive, so take care not to overdo it and make them sick. A small dosage is generally enough, but we never want to harm our children in any way. If you think your child might be allergic to ginger, test them for allergies before administering a ginger shot. For adults, taking ginger shots is also safe as long as you follow the directions carefully.

Ginger roots contain ginger, which is the active ingredient that makes these drinks taste so wonderful. Ginger root works wonders on the stomach, relieving it of unwanted gas and stomach acidity and even improving digestion. If you don’t like the taste of ginger, you can drink the juices – no digestion is needed! However, if you prefer the ginger shot’s flavor and taste, it’s best to eat it straight from the bottle without mixing it with anything.

These health benefits are just some of the reasons why you should incorporate the ginger shot into your daily life. Ginger is naturally high in antioxidants and supports good cardiovascular health. Combined with the anti-oxidant properties, it works wonders on your heart and overall health. It also has many of the same antioxidant ingredients as a vitamin, so it is great for improving overall immune system function. If you have cravings, simply pop a few tablets into your mouth and reap the health benefits.

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