Body Toning Workouts

Body Toning Workouts

If you are looking for a great body toning workout that will help you sculpt the body you’ve always dreamed of, then look no further than the Body Toning Workout. This program is a fat burning and muscle sculpting system that use body weight movements to tone up your legs, butt, calves, and abs. An easy, but effective fitness circuit that you can perform anywhere. Full instructions are included below. All exercises are done in a comfortable, low-impact exercise style that is designed to increase both cardio and stamina.

body toning workout

The First Exercise – In this body toning workout, you will be utilizing the plank position. Grab a bar overhead and place your hands on either side of it, palms facing each other. Keep your arms fully extended above your head, curling your body up until your shoulder blades touch your hips. Then simply roll the upper arms back and forth. Try to perform this exercise while lying down, as it requires good body positioning to maximize the effectiveness of this exercise.

The Second Exercise – This exercise also uses the plank position, but this time you will be using legs to do the movement. Stand straight with your feet hip distance apart. Utilize your legs to lift your body so that your pelvis is flexed. Lift your rear as far as you can for three counts, counting one when your rear touches the floor. This exercise works out most of the major muscles groups in the legs, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, gluteal, and sacro-ceris abdominal muscles.

The Third Exercise – This body toning workout uses leg lifts. This requires you to lift your legs from a seated, but still upright, position. As you raise your legs, tighten your stomach so that it will hold your body up as you extend. After you reach a maximum height, lower your body back to the starting position, holding for three seconds. Repeat this exercise fifteen times. Most of these repetitions are performed while lying on their side.

These workouts do not just burn fat; they also improve cardio-vascular health and strength. But the best thing about all these exercises is that they are done naturally and safely. So you don’t have to do anything crazy like starting an intense fitness routine or taking supplements which can have negative side effects on your body.

To do the push by starting position, take both hands and position them behind your head, then bend your elbows to enter a pushup position. Place your palms on the floor about two feet apart. Then push yourself up against the wall until your chest is touching your knees. Next, return your hands to the starting position and repeat. You can try to do ten pushups before going to bed to ensure good body toning.

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