Eating Healthy and Exercise Daily

You can eat eating healthy and exercise every day and never gain a single pound. I’m serious! If you are constantly doing cardio workouts and you eat eating healthy and you don’t exercise, you won’t be losing any weight no matter how many times you workout. If you are wondering why I’m telling you this, it’s because if you only exercise for a few minutes per day you will only be giving your heart a free pass to work for a couple of hours and at the end of the day your heart will be exhausted and that is not what exercise is all about. You want to exercise daily so you can burn fat and build muscle and you also want to sleep well at night so you can do your best at your workouts.

eatting healthy and exercise

You see exercise is more than just working out hard. It is the whole package that includes good nutrition, sleep well, and consuming healthy and nutritious foods that you want to eat eating healthy and exercise daily. You must have a balance and you can’t get that right by doing only one thing. You have to eat well and you have to exercise daily.

Some people think that doing cardio is better than doing strength training or other cardio and they are right. The problem is that you can only work your body so much before your body breaks down. When your body starts to break down and you stop doing cardio, you become lazy and you can’t get back into shape. Your cardio workout has to be a combination of strength training and doing cardio. So you have to eat good and exercise daily.

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