Healthy Detox Smoothies For Your Holiday Detox

Healthy Detox Smoothies For Your Holiday Detox

Have you ever tried making healthy detox smoothies at home? If not, give yourself a pat on the back because you’re ahead of the game. Most people go about detoxifying their bodies in totally the wrong way-they try to consume unhealthy processed foods and drink lots of water to dilute the toxins in their bodies. This is a big no-no and will only give your body a chance to become sick and unhealthy.

Making healthy detox smoothies isn’t much different from making any other smoothie except that you’ll be blending the healthy ingredients instead of the unhealthy ones. When it’s mixed correctly, you’ll feel refreshed and sustained instead of being sick and tired. The word detox actually gets thrown around a lot these days, but you too can easily create simple and healthy detox smoothies in the comfort of your home.

For starters, there are hundreds of easy recipes for healthy detox smoothies you can find on the internet or by checking health food stores. All you need to do is put together fresh fruits, veggie juice (if using) and a delicious blender. You can use whatever blender you prefer. I tend to use a Vitamix blender which is easy to use and inexpensive.

Blend the ingredients thoroughly until they are a smooth consistency. You can add some honey or other sweeteners if you want your healthy detox smoothies to taste better. I normally add fresh or frozen fruit, vegetables (just make sure they are fresh), a cup of skim milk or natural yogurt, greens, herbs (Rosemary, thyme, basil, etc) and sea salt to taste. You can also substitute vegetable juices for the juice if you are not a fan of fruit juices. If you don’t care too much about taste, then feel free to use any flavor of blender that you prefer.

I love preparing healthy detox smoothies because they are very economical and healthy too. Since I am on a budget this holiday season, healthy and cost effective holidays are the best option for me. That is why I make healthy and cost effective smoothies for my family each holiday. They are a huge hit and everyone asks for them at Thanksgiving dinners. Now that I have easy to make healthy detox smoothies for the holidays, I will be creating a new recipe for my next holiday!

There are many healthy detox smoothie recipes that you can find online. Just Google “vegan healthy detox”, “fun healthy detox”, or even “comfort food for the holidays”. Be sure to use organic ingredients if possible so that you get the most healthy and delicious smoothie recipes. Start enjoying today’s healthy smoothie recipes.

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