The Best Foods For Keto Breakfast

The Best Foods For Keto Breakfast

keto breakfast

Easy Keto breakfast recipes for quick and easy weight loss. With just some ingredients, your body is already getting what it needs for energy – when you decide to eat. For instance, a five-ounce tub of low fat cottage cheese containing one tablespoon of sour cream is a complete source of protein. You can add fresh fruit, yogurt, eggs, or meat to the mixture for a full-or-minute dose of vitamins and minerals.

A to breakfast with a little peanut butter and jelly or a large bowl of quinoa topped with seared salmon is a rich, filling dinner that can be made the night before. Use fresh vegetables like broccoli and green beans and add some lean ground turkey or chicken to the blend for even greater protein. You can serve it any time of day – in the morning on hunger pangs, before lunch time, on a weekend afternoon, before dinner, or even in the evening before bedtime.

If you’re looking for a low-calorie, delicious meal, try a savory sweet potato breakfast bowl. These tasty treats are hearty enough to keep you feeling full all morning long, yet they’re also surprisingly low in fat and calories. They’re loaded with fiber, which are great for maintaining healthy intestinal flora, as well as plenty of vitamins A, C, B-12, folic acid, magnesium, and potassium. Best of all, no Ketosis symptoms are apparent, since the fiber makes you feel full without packing on the pounds. For the ultimate in comfort food, substitute sour cream for yogurt, cream cheese for whole milk, and whole grain tortilla chips for salsa for the dips and spreads.

Another great, low-carb breakfast option is the Breakfast Power Smoothie. This recipe is so good you’ll wonder why you didn’t make it last night! It’s easy, fast, and doesn’t take much effort. All you have to do is add fresh fruit (of course! ), a little vanilla extract, some low-fat sour cream, some frozen berries, and your favorite protein powder, and you’ve got a super-fast, low-carb meal that you can enjoy until you’re stuffed!

Of course, the Keto breakfast smoothie won’t have quite the punch of a traditional creamy, gooey cereal. But it’ll still be very healthy and satisfying. Just add some fruit (without the fruit juice, if possible) and low-fat milk, a dash of vanilla extract, a pinch of a cinnamon chip, and you’re all set. You can add different kinds of nuts if you’d like, to provide your taste buds with something different. And if you’d prefer to skip the cereal and go straight to the healthy fats instead, that’s fine too!

If you’re planning to start out with a breakfast of raw eggs, try a scramble or omelet with some lean meats. For example, you could make a fried chicken or an open-faced sausage with some lean ham or turkey. There are also many delicious vegetarian choices available, such as sauteed mushrooms orzo salad with your choice of vegetables. Other “traditional” foods you’ll find are baked potatoes, French toast, hash browns, bagels or other wheat breads, breakfast sausages, eggs benedits or hash browns, bacon, tomatoes or other fruits, eggs sunny side up, pancakes, and oatmeal. There are just too many delicious choices to name in one article!

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